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Romantic Suspense

The Trinket Bay Series

The Trinket Bay novels are a contemporary romantic suspense series set in the fictional town of Trinket Bay in South Western Australia.

When an important case goes horribly wrong, a canine unit officer learns love and heartbreak are all in the line of duty.

Betrayed by her lover and left for dead, Senior Constable Ellie Marsden and her canine
patrol dog leave Perth and move to the small coastal town of Trinket Bay. Time heals Ellie’s wounds, but not her heart.

When thieves break in and steal drugs from the local doctor’s surgery, she realises it’s similar to her last case back in the city. If her ex-lover is in her town; can she close the case and arrest the man who almost destroyed her?

Brennan Cole has been on the run for almost three years, leaving behind everything he’s ever known and everyone he’s ever loved. He’s never forgiven himself for betraying Ellie, but he’s in too deep to stop now.

Trinket Bay is another perfect target. The police force isn’t as prominent here, the drugs they need are easy to acquire, and its tourists provide a ready market. It’s a simple in and out before they move on to the next town. But then he glimpses the woman he still loves. Can he escape detection before it’s too late?

Or will they learn cases of the heart never grow cold?

A Nose for Trouble is a contemporary romantic suspense novella set in the fictional town of Trinket Bay in South Western Australia.

An Ear to the Ground - cover - final.jpg
When murder and love collide, does duty trump one’s heart?

Lilah Michaels remembers little of her mother’s suicide following a violent assault during a robbery at their home over twenty years ago. But it’s the only home she’s ever known. Now they’re in danger of losing the family property, and she’s pinned her hopes on hosting weddings at the winery to appease the bank and buy them some time. Until a shocking discovery changes everything.

Sergeant Finn Kelly desperately needs a break after a tough assignment. All he wants is to catch up with his friends in Trinket Bay as they prepare for their wedding. At Hidden Gem Winery, he finds a yearned-for sense of peace. Then he meets the charming woman who’s hosting the nuptials, and his thoughts turn toward romance.

Finn puts those amorous notions on hold when he and his service dog find human remains on the property. Painful memories and an unsolved mystery come to light. It’s clear someone wants to keep the past a secret, and they’ll do anything to make sure the truth stays buried.

Is Lilah as innocent as she seems? Or is she part of the conspiracy? And will Finn lose more than his heart in his quest to discover the truth?

An Ear to the Ground is a contemporary romantic suspense novel set in the fictional town of Trinket Bay in South Western Australia.
Final cover - A Twist in the Tail.jpeg
With his integrity questioned, and her heart on the line, can two officers prove love and duty can co-exist? 

After a devastating experience, former professional ballroom dancer turned K9 officer, Senior Constable Ashlee (Ash) Rogers traded glamour and promenades for guns and patrols. Now she maintains a tough exterior and keeps everyone at a safe distance. A task which proves difficult when a fellow officer at her new posting tempts her suppressed femininity.

First Constable Dermott McClane’s brutal injury in the line of duty has left him with a growing dependency on painkillers he’s desperate to shake. When the attractive new police officer who’s been assigned to his police station arrives, she sparks another craving. She’s more challenging than his determination to return to full duties. But Dermott is hiding a secret. One with devastating consequences should it be revealed.

With a suspected overdose victim in the hospital morgue, and potential sellers looking to score their next hit, sparks fly as Ash and Dermott work together to solve the case. A tip off about missing drugs from the hospital storeroom leads Ash, with the help of her patrol dog, Goose, to believe the theft is an inside job. The clues aren’t adding up, and her instincts tell her to keep investigating, even if it leads to her fellow officer, the one man who has her heart dancing and her desire soaring.

Can Ash discover McClane’s secret and solve the case? Or is he about to tango with her heart?

A Twist in the Tail is a contemporary romantic suspense novella set in the fictional town of Trinket Bay in South Western Australia.
Book  4 - A Rebel with Paws
Coming soon.
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