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Paranormal Romance

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A distant realm. A brewing war. An enemy who lurks in every shadow.

Her mission sounds simple. Unite four university guilds, prepare them for the coming battle–saving their realm and her own–and return home when the war is done. Only for Karisa Euterpe, crossing the realms comes at a price.

Heartbreak has taken on new meaning. Not everyone trusts her. The guilds don’t even trust each other, which makes her quest impossible. There’s every chance she might never return home, and her growing attraction to the most frustrating wizard she’s ever met is another complication she doesn’t need.

Determined to succeed, Karisa sets out to complete the task foretold by her youngest sister but soon realizes she’s out of her depth. The enemy is more powerful than she ever imagined and growing stronger every day. Her heart is torn between her friends and her mission, and everything is shrouded in secrets that threaten to derail her.

Then there’s the Artemis Curse… the one thing Karisa can’t escape, no matter which realm she tries to hide in.




A new term. A wicked spell. An end to innocence and lies.

University never looked so good. Karisa caused a stir with her wandless magic and survived a shadow mage attack. With a magical lacrosse championship and a winter ball to celebrate, there’s a  growing sense of camaraderie at Takoda.

But not everyone is keen to embrace Karisa’s secret quest.

Garrett Huxley is a wizard with an attitude—and the reputation to match. He’s got her in a daze, and she never knows what to expect from him. But Garrett is the key to unlocking the most stubborn of the guilds. Karisa must learn to place her trust in him and what she feels in her heart, whatever the cost.

The Shadow Master is closing in, and his spies are everywhere. There’s only thing Karisa fears more than Donovan Tempest. The Artemis Curse may have finally found her, and the consequences could be devastating.

The Artemis Curse
Part 111
Moon Set

A heartbreaking betrayal. A secret confession. An enmity of power and passion.

The guilds at Takoda University are finally showing signs of coming together. Even the stubborn Beltanes. Karisa’s worked hard to get them there, but her powers are weakening, and her task is far from complete. Just when she’s beginning to think she can trust Garrett, he betrays her. Well, he’s tricked her for the last time.


With as many friends at Takoda as she has foes, Karisa doesn’t always know who she can trust. Without Garrett on her side, things will be challenging, but damned if she’ll let him destroy everything she's achieved and all the good she’s done. The guilds must unite if they are to defeat the Shadow Master. She can’t let them win.

When the shadow mages strike, it’ll take everything Karisa has to survive and to escape. The fate of both their realms depends on it. All she can do is hope the goodness she’d sensed in Garrett will triumph.

The Artemis Curse
Part 1v
Moon Vow

A moment of truth. A play on words. An unveiling of myth and malice.

Karisa reveals her identity, hoping her friends understand her mission and the rising stakes, but their reactions, especially Garrett’s, leave her feeling more confused and alone than ever. Torn between her heart’s desire and keeping one step ahead of the Shadow Master, her future has never been more precarious. 

Now her forewarning has become Takoda’s reality. The great battle is upon them. Persons unknown attack a wizard within the university walls. The enemy takes a witch hostage to ensure Karisa’s compliance, and a long-forgotten verse reveals more than anyone thought possible.

With Tempest’s shadow mages overrunning the university, the professors and students must fight for their lives. Failure is not an option, but now the one person meant to save them, Karisa, is nowhere to be seen.

The Artemis Curse
Part v
Moon Blessed

A curse revealed. A cabal of traitors. An epiphany of redemption and triumph.

Tricked into traveling to the Department of Magical Affairs, Karisa faces the Shadow Master at last and Donovan Tempest reveals his plans for the Peacemaker. 
Devastated by the awful truth, Karisa’s faced with the terrible choice she feared since the beginning. Either she watches her friends die one by one or she gives in to Tempest’s demands to op
en the way to her realm.

With no way of knowing if the guilds have united or if there are any survivors back at Takoda University, there’s only one thing to do. Her decision thrusts Karisa, her friends, the Shadow Master, and his most faithful followers into a fateful conclusion. One that’s certain to destroy more than her hopes and dreams.

Then there’s Garrett, who’s become her most heartbreaking choice of all.
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